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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Kierron and Jeff Push off for Vancouver Island!

The month of May has been packed full of filming trips. The weather has been incredible and I'm starting to rack up mini DV after mini DV of amazing footage for the film. The latest mission was to spend a couple days with Kierron Tastagh and Jeff Norville as they got ready to push off for their attempt at circumnavigating Vancouver Island in two weeks. Lise-Anne and I travelled down to Orcas Island to meet up with them and capture the pre-trip preparations. Two days before the trip started, I discovered that Kierron and Jeff had never met or even talked on the phone. The entire trip had been sorted via email. I was fortunate to capture their first meeting. It is going to provide some great humor in the film .

Kierron and Jeff meet for the first time outside Body Boat Blade.

photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

It is hard not to laugh and have fun when filming Keirron. This is the chart and compass combo he intends to use to get them around Vancouver Island!

photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

The pink NDK Triton they will be paddling over 50 miles a day in.

photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

The usual chaos of packing for one of these expeditions started just after the two met. I was impressed by how they well they hit it off, the speed at which they sorted the gear, and the focus at getting the trip on the water. They met at 7:30pm on Wednesday night and were pushing off by 11:00am the next day.

Getting a quick interview in with Jeff before the launch at North Beach.

photo by Lise-Anne Beryies

Just about ready to launch!

photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

Right off the bat setting a good cadence and working together.

photo by Lise-Anne Beyries

You can check out the complete details of their trip here...

They have an on board camera that will providing a lot of day to day footage. My plan is to meet them again when they finish the trip and check in with phone interviews along the way.

We leave today for 10 days of filming in the tidal races of the inside passage! The next post should have some exciting new shots.

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