Using the Pacific Northwest as the dynamic environment that carries the film from beginning to end, Bryan Smith takes us up close with the core elements of sea kayaking. Blending wildlife, people, and places, Pacific Horizons motivates all sea kayakers to get out and go kayaking. The film features segments on Dubside, Quadra Island Tidal Races, Skookumchuck Narrows, Keirron Tastagh and Jeff Norville's 14 day Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, San Juan Islands, The Oregon Coast, Columbia River Gorge, Remote West Coast Vancouver Island Locations, Queen Charlotte Islands, and much more.

The Official Trailer for Pacific Horizons!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Feedback is Pouring In and We are Off to California!

I'm just getting home now from the launch of the DVD here in the Pacific Northwest and already packing my bags to head down to California for a few premieres in Sacremento and the Bay Area. The Northwest tour began with the show at the MISSION THEATRE in downtown Portland. Thanks to the tremendous publicity efforts by ALDER CREEK we managed to sell out the vintage theatre with 304 people. I even had to deal with 20-30 people who were not allowed in because we had reached maximum capacity 15 minutes before the film was due to start! Portland was followed by standing room only events at SRK, Orcas Island, and ECOMARINE We had a great time and a big thanks goes out to all the hosts and sponsors of these events. It became clear by the end of the tour that Paul Kuthe's impressive big wave surfing gets the crowd going every night!

photo by Steve Rogers

As the premiere tour was kicking off in Portland, DVD's were moving through the postal system in search of eager kayakers all around the world. It has been awesome to come home to some many great comments in the Inbox. Here are a few...

The interesting thing about PH is it’s enjoyably mellow, west coast feel. You’ll want to put your feet up and enjoy a nice latte or maybe a choice micro-brew when you watch this one. You get the impression you could easily hang out with anyone on the DVD without feeling like you would’nt be welcomed. In some ways this is the best part of a DVD like this. Pacific Horizons invites the viewer to join in on some fun adventures with folks that quickly feel like friends. A pleasant break from the testosterone driven ego fests that are often part of many sports videos. Even with the rockin aspects of long boat surfing, sea kayaking as always takes on a unique, natural feel. Pacific Horizons is not only suitable and inspirational for any skill level paddler, but will also be enjoyable for the rest of the family as well.


First, let me say that your movie is outstanding! I'm a middle-aged east coast paddler, but the DVD makes me want to load up my kayak and head to the Northwest. You and your crew certainly captured the true essence of sea kayaking with wonderful videography and over-the-top locations. Many thanks for doing it right.


Bravo! Very well done. The shots were magnificent, the musical score was great (even for us AARP card-carrying paddlers), and the paddlers are awesome.

-from Linc Clay in Tallahasse, Flordia

So off to California for three more shows....

Thursday December 13th 7 PM
3530 Railroad Ave
Redding, CA
(530) 244-3355

Saturday December 15th 7 PM
4381 Granite Drive
Rocklin, CA
(916) 624-7722

Monday December 17th 6:30
Oakland Retail Shop
409 Water Street
Jack London Square
Oakland, CA
(510) 893-7833

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